• Jay Stamper is challenging Lindsey Graham because the people of South Carolina deserve a Senator who represents their interests.

    Join the Democratic campaign to retire Lindsey Graham!

Bring Online Poker out of the Shadows

Millions of Americans enjoy playing poker online. It’s an industry that could generate $23 billion in annual revenue by 2023. But a tangle of confusing and contradictory state and federal laws has resulted in a poorly regulated grey market that lacks transparency, puts consumers at risk and is dominated by offshore providers. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s …

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Jay Stamper Makes Candidacy Official

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jay Stamper Makes Senate Candidacy Official COLUMBIA, S.C. (March 20, 2014) – Democrat Jay Stamper formally launched his campaign for United States Senate today, filing the required paperwork with the South Carolina State Election Commission. Stamper said: “As the campaign season begins, I look forward to meeting voters from across the state …

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We Can’t Let This Happen

‘Dems Lose Senate by One Seat’ Could that be the headline on November 5, 2014? Political analysts are now predicting that the Senate will be won or lost this year by just one seat. And the GOP is counting on Lindsey Graham’s re-election in South Carolina to put them over the top. Blue America is …

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Not the Lindsey Graham I Know

SC Democratic Party headquarters in Columbia has issued a press release praising Lindsey Graham as “one of the few federal elected officials in South Carolina who actually works to try to get things done to help our state’s families and businesses.” I hope it was a rogue intern who wrote that. Because that’s not the …

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Jay Stamper to Address Spartanburg Gathering

MEDIA ADVISORY Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate to Address Spartanburg Gathering Jay Stamper, the Democrat seeking to replace Lindsey Graham in the U.S. Senate, will speak and answer questions next week at the monthly Spartanburg Democratic Party Monthly Lunch. Stamper will address questions about his candidacy and make the case that a Democrat can defeat Graham …

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What We Must Do

“There are those whose hatred for this President exceeds their love of country, who call themselves patriots and then repeatedly hold our national and economic security hostage. We can try to reason with them but they are not inclined to reason. We can appeal to their decency but they are too attached to their own …

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I Won’t Back Down

As many of you know, I recently came out in favor of marriage equality. I knew it was politically risky in a state like South Carolina, but I also knew it was the right thing to do. Several days after my announcement, a state party official summoned me to his office. To my disbelief he …

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